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TV safety straps £10

Stop your large flatscreen TV from falling and crushing your baby / child.

Easy to fit and prevents serious head injuries and crush incidents

It burns life fire leaflet £1

a trifold leaflet highlighting the main items around the home that serious harm, disfigure or kill our babies and children

Hair Straightener Safety Mat £4

Thousands of children every week receive a burn from a hair straightener - whether they copy mammy or a big sister, whether it as been left to cool down somewhere

Remember - a hair straightener today reaches temperatures hotter than the over you cook your Sunday roast in...240 degrees in 6 seconds - and takes up to 30 minutes or beyond to cool down enough not to scar a child.... 

For less than a fiver you can have the safety mat to prevent this from happening,,,,EVER

Vital lifesaving information to keep babies and children safe and the first aid needed to put it right

Baby Burns Dolls £275 per pair

An absolute must for professionals who deliver training or a children's centre who come into contact with parents, grandparents and children.


A fantastic resource with images from an actual burn imported onto the doll by prosthetic makeup artists to make the burn look realistic.  There has been over 500 sets of these sold across the UK and the rest of the world

Order yours today

Choking Tube Tester £3.50

  • The choke test cylinder simulates the dimensions of a young childs throat

  • For children under 3 years old

  • All toys and playthings should be tested to see if they can fit into the cylinder

  • Small items can cause suffocation or choking if swallowed by a small child

Order yours today

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