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About Us

first and foremost aims:

Too many babies and children are injured or killed each year across the UK from a preventable incident... the numbers are staggering:

 *  38,000 falls - leaving around 1100 children permanently  disabled from a spinal or brain injury

  *  36,500 babies and children suffer a burn or scald - some with horrendous consequences

  *  31,500 children admitted after swallowing a poisonous substance

  * 5000+ babies/children admitted following a unremovable choke

                                 THE LIST GOES ON

  We strive to do the following:

  • To raise an awareness of the dangers – what exactly harms children?  We know that children will bump, scrape and bleed and this is all part of the risk taking we all do as a child however, it isn’t acceptable for children to end up with a brain injury, spinal injury, drown or be severely scalded simply due to the lack of good advice and support

  • To promote behavioural change.  This is THE most important part of any teaching we do.For this reason only we use highly visual images of injury to create an immediate behavioural change in and around the home.

  • To reduce the impact of injury.  It is a proven fact that immediate first aid care following an accident or incident can prevent deterioration and improve life chances for the child.

  • To improve the environment both inside and outside of the home.  Making the smallest of changes to any home can prevent pain, disability and/or death.

Meet Carole

Carole Hewison

Founder, Owner, Child Accident Prevention Specialist and Regional Child Safety Consultant


I have been an accident prevention specialist for over 20 years. Firstly at Community Child Health and then  Project Director for  with the Whoops! Child Safety Project - which I started from a blank piece of paper back in 2000. At present my role at the First and Foremost I target the childrens workforce to enable me to reach EVERY child, parent/carer/grandparent and professional from disadvantaged backgrounds, communities and situations.

 In the past I have developed and delivered training to children aged 5-19 years around keeping safe, bullying, risky play, home and fire safety and assisted in the development of courses for parents/carers and professionals alongside my team. 

My main responsibilities is now as a Regional Child Safety Consultant working with Public Health, NHS, Local Government to name a few.


My passion is to eradicate childhood deaths and disability from a preventable incident and working with the workforce across the region we can achieve this together

The work I do to equalise life chances has a profound effect of the safety (morbidity and mortality) of all children across both the North East of England and the rest of the UK and Ireland.

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